Speed up your test suite in CI

Stop wasting developer hours and CI capacity with unnecessary test execution.

testmon.net handles the quick and efficient sharing of pytest-testmon data across CI workers, executions and developer machines with minimal configuration.

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Not only can you save CI capacity and cost but more importantly save developers time, prevent context switching and keep your developers in the flow.
Up to 90% of builds in pull requests fail and it takes them too long to do so. With testmon.net + pytest-testmon the tests most likely to fail are executed first, dramatically shortening the wait times.
pytest-testmon is an open source project which selects only tests affected by changed files and methods used by thousands of developers locally on their machines.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to tibor@testmon.org.

What is the difference between the open source pytest-testmon plugin and testmon.net?

pytest-testmon is designed to work locally on one machine in isolation. In the upcoming release it will retain all the current functionality but also become a client for testmon.net. testmon.net is a SaaS product which handles the quick and efficient sharing of testmon data across CI workers, executions and developer machines.

Is testmon compatible with my tech stack?

testmon is as non-intrusive as possible. As long as your Python test suite uses pytest in a standard way it should be compatible. Testmon is also tested with pytest-xdist and pytest-cov plugins. If your tests use subprocesses, test data from files or other edge cases testmon might not catch all the dependencies. Our default recommendation is to execute all tests for the main branches so that the occasional miss is not a problem. It’s very easy to try testmon locally and confirm compatibility.

How much will testmon.net cost?

Pricing is not determined yet. We’re ready to offer you an individual, long term, early adopter price that will pose no barrier to you. Please reach out to us!

What are the necessary changes to my build?

  1. Add TMNET_API_KEY to you pytest configuration (pytest.ini, pyproject.toml, setup.cfg, tox.ini) or ENV
  2. Add --tmnet to your pytest invocation
  3. That’s it - enjoy the speed!